Testing & Operation

The AT16 Mini Elock and AT10S Slave Elock are both subjected to rigorous IP68 waterproof testing standards to ensure their reliability and functionality in demanding environments. The testing process involves simulating real-world scenarios to evaluate the devices' ability to withstand water immersion and maintain their performance.

The test environment for the IP68 waterproof certification includes subjecting the devices to a 1-meter drop into water, followed by a 30-minute standby period submerged inside the water. After this period, the housing of the device is opened to inspect for any signs of water intrusion. This step is crucial to ensure that the internal components and circuitry remain dry and unaffected by the water exposure.

During the inspection, special attention is given to checking for any water droplets inside the housing. This meticulous examination ensures that the seals and protective measures in place effectively prevent water from seeping into the device. If no water droplets are found inside, it indicates that the device has successfully passed the IP68 waterproof test.

After the inspection, the housing is carefully reassembled to its original state. This step ensures that the device remains functional and ready for normal operation after being exposed to the water immersion test. The reassembly process involves securely sealing the housing to maintain its waterproof integrity.

One of the key aspects of the IP68 waterproof standard is the ability of the device to continue functioning normally after the test. The AT16 Mini Elock and AT10S Slave Elock are designed to withstand water exposure and maintain their performance even in challenging conditions. Their IP68 waterproof certification guarantees that they can be used in various environments, including those with high humidity, heavy rainfall, or potential water splashes.

Overall, the AT16 Mini Elock and AT10S Slave Elock undergo comprehensive IP68 waterproof testing to ensure their durability and reliability. These devices are built to withstand water immersion, and their successful performance in the test environment demonstrates their ability to operate effectively even in demanding and wet conditions.

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