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A-Telematics AT16 GPS Mini padlock is innovatively provides the safest and most secure asset tracking for containers, trucks, trailers as well as valued goods transportation protection.

When installing, it shall be attached to the container metal body easily with N48 strong magnet power. 

And it is very smart as well as handle carry size. You do not need worry about it would be drop off from the metal even without string nor any other support rounds. 

It’s IP67 water proof protects device main body could be stand resist for any rain seasons even heavy rain.by 3 set of rubber-ring built in. And the housing is using flame-retardant material for anti-fair protection.

The string is flexible size from 35CM- 3 meters-30 meters available for any customized size to tailored for any type of truck/containers/Trailor’s and so on. With its anti-bolt cutting feature helps the goods in 24*7 monitoring during transportation.

AT-16 mini padlock is idea E-Seal solution to replace traditional container seal as it is more intelligent and be connecting to GSM/GPS under world-wide IoT solution by connecting to the world, 

it is an E-seal able to speak to the goods owner and great guardian. 

If used for border transportation by difference countries, then could able to use international SIM card to support all these countries report seamless. 

The battery could last for 2 weeks in deep sleep mode and Its Type-C charge designed makes to easily be charged anywhere where you have Android Mobile charger which shared together.

Content: The A-Telematics AT-16 GPS Mini padlock offers the safest and most secure asset tracking for containers, lorries, trailers, as well as the protection of valuable commodities during transportation.

It would be easily attached to the metal body of the container before mounting using N48 powerful magnets. Additionally, it is quite clever and has a carry-sized handle. Even without string or other support rounds, you don't need to worry that it will fall off the metal.

The device's primary body is protected by IP67 water resistance, allowing it to withstand any season of rain,

including severe rain. by three sets of built-in rubber rings. Additionally, flame-retardant material is used in the housing as anti-fair protection.

The string comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 35CM to 3 metres to 30 metres, 

and it can be modified to fit any type of truck, container, or tank.Its anti-bolt cutting feature aids in the goods' 24 hour monitoring during transportation.

Because it is more intelligent and connected to GSM/GPS as part of a global IoT solution, 

the AT-16 mini padlock is an innovative E-Seal solution that could replace the traditional container seals. As a great guardian of the goods, it can communicate with the owner of the sealed containers.

If used for border transportation by various countries, a global SIM card would be able to provide smooth reporting from all of these regions.

The battery could operate for two weeks in deep sleep mode, and its Type-C charging design allows it to be charged quickly and efficiently everywhere there is an Android mobile charger that is shared together

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